Above are images showing various projects.  Some are PhotoShopped collages of client's rooms and furniture with a painting to consider size or color.  Some are collages of paint chips, room images and paintings.  One shows the progession of working from a photograph of sunflowers in Hawaii, the background which the customer signed off on and then my final painting sitting on the easel

Paint chips and a carpet were used to create a background that worked with specific colors.

Often clients will see my work either in the studio or a show and ask about doing something in different size or with different color combinations. These commission paintings keep me pretty busy between shows .In addition to creating pieces similar to previous works, I can develop a complete new concepts for a specific space. With my background in graphic design and expertise in PhotoShop, I can create a mock-up using images of a specific space. My clients can provide digital images or I can do a site visit and take photos, then create an image that works for the space, considering paint chips or fabric samples.