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About the commission process....

In addition to creating pieces similar to previous works, I can develop a complete new concept for a specific space.  With my background in graphic design and expertise in PhotoShop, I can create a mock-up using images of a specific space.  My clients can provide digital images or I can do a site visit and take photos, then create an image that works for the space, considering paint chips or fabric samples.  Below is an example of the process....

This is the client's room with the source painting with colors that worked perfectly.  The client felt they needed something bigger to fill the space.  I recommended a tiptych (3 panels). 

Mock up of 3 piece painting based on the original done with PhotoShop

Detail of mock-up used to color match


The next client provided an image of their unfinished wall in their new home and a photo of their rug and dining room furniture, plus the paint color code for the wall colors not yet applied.  They also provided a description of the cabinet that would be finished in the alcove which I simiulated for the mock up.

I created a complete mock up of the room with colors.  Then did a miniature painting so they could confirm the rug color worked with the blue I planned to use in the painting.



Quote from the above customer:

"The painting just arrived and we find it to be fantastic!  We placed it in our current dinning room near the Chinese rug and we find ourselves frequently going in to look at it.  It will make a real statement in our new house....."

Thank you,

John and Sharon


This client needed painting for two facing walls in their dining room.  I was able to show them in one image using a perspective, how a number of different painting options would look.  Here is one of them.

The next client provided an image of her room with a red oriental rug.  She was looking for red poppies.  The final painting matched her reds perfectly.  Here are the two options she chose from.


To create this mock up, I needed to manipulate the image to get the lamp in front of the painting.


This client wanted a very large splash of color for their neutral dining room.  They had not yet purchased a buffet, so I had to create one in the mock up.

The first image is without the buffet.

here is the buffet

and now the mock up