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Many of the following images are available as prints. 

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About the commission process....

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In addition to creating pieces similar to previous works, I can develop a complete new concept for a specific space.  With my background in graphic design and expertise in PhotoShop, I can create a mock-up using images of a specific space.  My clients can provide digital images or I can do a site visit and take photos, then create an image that works for the space, considering paint chips or fabric samples.  Below is an example of the process....

This is the client's room with the source painting with colors that worked perfectly

Mock up of 3 piece painting based on the original done with PhotoShop

Detail of mock-up used to color match


White Poppies in the Rain

Dancing Poppies II



Poppies for Andi

Stormy Day at Half Moon Bay

White Poppy Field in the Rain


Abstract in Red

Dogwoods at Night



Dancing Red Poppies

"Poppies in a Vase" 36 x 48

Sky Reachers

Abnstract in Gold

Up Close

Field of Blue

Absgtract Number 7


Original White



Poppy Duo (multiple hanging options)

Red Sky Reachers

Blue Sky

Dogwood Panels

Dogwood at Night

Red Too

Daffodils on Parade in Yellow


Daffodil Dance

Another Blue Sky at Half Moon Bay

Roadside Attraction


48 x 48 Poppies


Poppies in a Grey Vase

Dogwood at Night 36


Green Sea


Red Poppy Field

In the Red (2 panels)

Cherry Blossoms


Poppies with Amber


Harmony Tryptich


Royal Wedding Poppies

Calla Duo

Make room for Daffadils

White Orchids in Square

Red Poppies in a Black Vase

Red Poppies in Abstract

Poppy Field IV

Calla in Yello

Red Poppies III

Poppies in Green


White Poppies II

Beyond the Fense


Red Poppies

Red Poppies in a Yellow Vase


Orchid in Square

Violets of Blue Too

Poppy Abstract II


White Orchid in Green II

White Tryptich

Poppy Banquet

Poppies in Red II


Poppies in Blue



White Orchids III

Poppies Galore




Morning Poppies

Field of Poppies

Red Tryptich

Flowering Meadow

Poppies in Yellow




White Orchids


New York at Twighlight

White on White